Blame the RNG or God.

I dreamt I was a moron.

So first I was hanging around being cute and then Raubahn joined me and we had a dance party that lasted several minutes. Raubahn suggested we invite all the other leaders to have an even bigger dance party.

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Baderon strongly objects to having a giant jack-o’-lantern put on his bar.

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Chocobo barding, it glows in the dark!!!

Also boy confirmed to look terrible in mage robes

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Don’t worry Dodo, it’s not the Phantasia’s doing… though I wouldn’t mind I think.

Don’t worry Dodo, it’s not the Phantasia’s doing… though I wouldn’t mind I think.

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wannabe badass posing in mismatched level 10 armour

wannabe badass posing in mismatched level 10 armour

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Artist: National Museum of Denmark
Track Name: "Drømde mik en drøm i nat"
Played: 61107 times





Mushroom pens with stands on Strapya! (click through for link)

I went through dungeon guides on youtube for every single dungeon I’ve done and I’m coming to the conclusion that I must have heard this song in a fate

..must have been a hella epic fate if it left such an impression :I

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This song also plays in certain fates like gorgimera and main scenario dungeon castrum meridium.

Mmmh haven’t been there yet so for me personally it can’t be that, but still thanks a lot for the help!

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I know it plays during some boss fates but I’d also swear I’ve heard it in a dungeon or two and I can’t find where O_O;;;

Yes you know it gives me the dungeon “chills” that I get from listening to dungeon music so I feel that I don’t know it from fate bosses only :o Weird, I should search some more ;_;

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can anyone help me and tell me if this song also plays in low level dungeons or instanced fights ??  i’m so sure i’ve been fighting to that theme before but i can’t put my finger on /where/ that could have been and I’m trying to figure it out for  a few hours now

(the video description says hydra/chimera/pvp and “other places” )

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Me 5 days ago: Wow I'm really not a fighter, I'll level all the crafting and gathering classes. Feeling much more comfy with those.
Me after the trailer: *knocks at marauders guild and tumbles in* YES HELLO I would like one fluffy armour please.
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